Platinum with Vitamin E

Patient Name: Mr G

Nurse Name: Netia Matthews

Patient Care Setting: Torbay Hospital, SDHCFT

Patient Overview: 81year old male. Emergency admission, obstructing tumour, mid descending colon. Defunctioned with sigmoid loop colostomy as unfit for more major procedure. Patient disengaged, despite long period of respite and rehab. Dependant on carers for all care.

Photographic ‘step by step guide ‘ made…

Problem: Red, sore, wet weepy skin. Using Salts NDALT 1390

Suspected Cause: Template too large causing stool to erode skin

Course of treatment: New product containing Vitamin E, reduction in template. Pelican 220415E

Interventions/complications? Alternate day pouch changes. With photographic review

Outcome: Noticeable improvement in skin integrity/comfort over period of 6 days. Unfortunately he was discharged home which meant any further review would be in community. Although we don’t have a final graphic to compare, this patient has now been prescribed this product

Conclusions: Considered a successful treatment. Skin improved using the pouch alone off setting the cost of using additional barrier product

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